Xbox 360 dating game

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Xbox 360 dating game

Cheat code: FM4JB7Darth Vader Battle Damaged (Classic). Cheat code: PYWJ6NKit Fitso's Jedi Starfighter.

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Cheat code: BQCXWRRepublic Cruiser (Missiles and Torpedoes).

Cheat code: 3RE9XVStealth Ship (Missiles and Torpedoes).

Cheat code: T4K5L4Trident Assault Craft (Missiles and Torpedoes).

Cheat code: AKA9BBVader's Apprentice (Classic).

Cheat code: CSQTMBAchievements for the game are listed on the following page.

The following cheat codes are available for Lego Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars on the Xbox 360 video game console.

Cheats for the game are entered while the game is paused via the ' Options', ' Enter Code' screen. Cheat code: 2VJ9THAnakin Skywalker (Geonosian Arena). Cheat code: RCTFLVArc-170 Starfighter (Rapid Fire). Infinite XP Note: Using the "Infinite XP" glitches can leave you weak.The higher level you are, the more difficult the game gets.You will encounter more and stronger enemies, and they will have better weapons in better conditions.

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