Windows update is not updating

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INSERTED cannot be used with the OUTPUT clause in the DELETE statement. Product ID BETWEEN 800 and 810; --Display the results of the table variable. Order Date = '20070401' GROUP BY Product ID) AS src (Product ID, Order Qty) ON (pi. Is a column prefix that specifies a table included in the FROM clause of a DELETE, UPDATE, or MERGE statement that is used to specify the rows to update or delete. SELECT Product ID, Product Name, Photo ID, Product Model ID FROM @My Table Var; GO USE Adventure Works2012; GO IF OBJECT_ID(N'Production. Zero Inventory (Deleted Product ID int, Removed On Date Date Time); GO INSERT INTO Production.

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Returns information from, or expressions based on, each row affected by an INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, or MERGE statement.These results can be returned to the processing application for use in such things as confirmation messages, archiving, and other such application requirements.The results can also be inserted into a table or table variable.Additionally, you can capture the results of an OUTPUT clause in a nested INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, or MERGE statement, and insert those results into a target table or view.An UPDATE, INSERT, or DELETE statement that has an OUTPUT clause will return rows to the client even if the statement encounters errors and is rolled back.The result should not be used if any error occurs when you run the statement.

Is an alternative name used to reference the column name.DELETED Is a column prefix that specifies the value deleted by the update or delete operation.Columns prefixed with DELETED reflect the value before the UPDATE, DELETE, or MERGE statement is completed.DELETED cannot be used with the OUTPUT clause in the INSERT statement.INSERTED Is a column prefix that specifies the value added by the insert or update operation. Columns prefixed with INSERTED reflect the value after the UPDATE, INSERT, or MERGE statement is completed but before triggers are executed.

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