What is a normal dating relationship

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What is a normal dating relationship

Normal refers to that which normal, regardless of whether it actually is.

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For example, much sociological focus is directed at how norms are disseminated--how we come to learn them.

Simply put, a norm is a rule that guides behavior among members of a society or group.

Founding sociologist Émile Durkheim considered norms to be social facts: things which exist in society independent of individuals, and that shape our thoughts and behavior. (Durkheim wrote about this ) Sociologists consider the force that norms exert both good and bad, but before we get into that, let's make a couple of important distinctions between the norm, normal, and normative.

People often confuse these terms, and with good reason.

But to sociologists, they are very different things.

As knowledge of how to operate in the world, norms are an important part of the cultural capital that each of us possess and embodies.

They are, in fact, cultural products and are culturally contextual, and they only exist if we realize them in our thought and behavior.

For the most part, norms are things that we take for granted and spend little time thinking about, but they become highly visible and conscious when they are broken.

The process of socialization is guided by norms, and taught to us by those around us, including our families, teachers, and authority figures from religion, politics, law, and popular culture.

We learn them through spoken and written directive, but also through observing those around us.

We do this a lot as children, but we also do it as adults in unfamiliar spaces, among new groups of people, or in places we visit for this time.

Learning the norms of any given space or group allows us to function in that setting, and to be accepted (at least to a certain degree) by those present.