Validating xml visual studio

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Validating xml visual studio

Liquid XML Studio IDE is a Windows based XML editor and XML data binding toolkit.

Liquid XML Studio provides features for editing and validating XML documents.

The GUI is a multi-document tabbed design and each document can be viewed in a text, graphical or split view.

Document validation includes both checking for well formedness against the W3C XML standard and also checking validity against associated W3C XML Schema.

Liquid XML Studio provides XML data binding code generation through both a graphical Wizard and command line interface.

The generated code can be C++, C#, Java, Silverlight, Visual Basic . Liquid XML Studio provides a graphical data mapping tool to allow data conversion between XML documents with different data shapes using a simple drag and drop interface.

Liquid XML Studio provides an XML aware differencing tool to compare XML documents. Liquid XML Studio provides a tool to document an XML Schema as HTML via a graphical Wizard and command line interface.

Examples of the output can be found at the XML Standards Schema Library web site.Liquid XML Studio automatically downloads and validates XML documents against industry standard XML Schema such as those promoted by the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards, Financial products Markup Language, and the Open Geospatial Consortium.The Liquid XML Studio license is proprietary "node locked" or "concurrent user" models.A repository, such as a relational database, provides the environment to securely share XML documents and XML schemas with authorized users.The authorized users have secure access to important XML documents and XML schemas at any time, from anywhere.By using a repository system that can contain one or more relational database systems, users can locate and retrieve the latest version of XML document(s) and XML schema documents. Net application developers can start to use out of the box with minimal effort.

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