Speed dating in the quad cities

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Speed dating in the quad cities

Over the year, you swipe right on a bunch of people and have some matches that turn out to have boat speed and some that don’t.Then in February at selection trials, the best combinations get a notification from the selectors that they’ve received a multiway superlike match.

We’ve all spent time in Canberra on past campaigns so it’s an environment we’re used to and it hasn’t taken long to slip back into routine at the AIS.

Australian M4x Training in Canberra" href="//res.cloudinary.com/corporate-olympics-com-au/image/fetch/fl_keep_iptc,c_fit,w_2048,h_2048/http%3A%2F%2Faoc%2Drio2016%2Es3%2Eamazonaws%2Ecom%2Fimages%2Fdm Image%2FSource Image%2FAus%20M4x%20Training%20in%20Canberra%201%2Ejpg" Firstly, I’d like to kick off Blog 4 with a shout-out to my number one fan.

Thanks @trollbot_meow for the constructive criticism and for all the links you send through.

Your impersonal messages inspire me to make each blog better than the last. My itinerary over the last 8 weeks has been like a boat without a rudder… We’ve now finished the selection trials for the Australian Rowing Team and I’ve been selected into the Australian Men’s Quad Scull for the 2016 International Season. Joining me in the quad is James Mc Rae, Cameron Girdlestone and Karsten Forsterling.

As I did with my initial blog, I’d like to use a simple table to introduce my new team mates: Selection trials are very much like speed-dating (not that I’ve been to speed-dating - this is purely an assumption on the logistics of speed dating on my part).

It’s important when in an extended camp period to break up the eat, sleep, row, repeat at points in the week to maintain sound mind so we’ve got a few go-to weekly excursions.

Our extracurricular activities include trivia at our local in O’Connor on Wednesday evenings.

Quizteama Aguilera has only managed to climb the ladder to 8 century Russian Literature, avian varieties of the Murray Basin, Middle-eastern Geography and Eminem pop up.

People are rotating in and out of boats to determine who has the best chemistry with who and at the end of the process, you should have enough information to decide who you want to take on a second date to the World Cups.

We’re lucky in the Men’s Sculling category to have a strong group of athletes that have been training and racing together for the last 4-10 years.

This means we can mostly skip the ‘getting to know you’ stage and get down to business as it’s more like resuming a relationship with an old flame than starting a fresh.

For the younger readers, you can think about selection trials as being like an arranged platonic group Tinder.

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