Speed dating companies los angeles

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Speed dating companies los angeles

She says most speed dating events involve the use of cheesy nametags and tacky bells or whistles indicating the next date transition.“We take a subtle, low-key approach with fabulous perks,” she said.

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Those who were more outgoing formed a circle in the middle of the lounge area, chatting with the men or women to their right or left.One man even made a beeline to a particular woman he found attractive.Another woman was overheard recommending drinks to another woman over at the bar.“You probably don’t want to get anything fruity or chunky,” she advised.“You don’t want anything stuck in your teeth.” Jordan Harbinger, who runs The Art of Charm, a Los Angeles-based charm school for men, says most guys use speed dating as a last ditch attempt when nothing else seems to work.The lights were dimmed low at Michael’s, an upscale restaurant and bar lounge located a block north of the Santa Monica Promenade as the staff from Speed LA Dating cheerily greeted guests — single men and women between the ages of 25 and 40.

A woman wearing a tight green dress and high heels asked where she needed to go for the free makeover — really just a quick touch up of powder and lipstick — as others nervously clustered into gender-specific groups to make small talk as they waited for the series of mini dates to begin.

There are numerous speed dating companies operating in Los Angeles, but this one claims to provide UK-style speed dating.

“Traditionally, speed dating has been held in coffee shops or venues that don’t exactly exude romance,” says Tina Allman, of Speed LA Dating.

He says he’s trying to change the stigma of speed dating in light of his own experiences and believes more men should try it. It’s a solid way for a guy to approach a woman without the pressure because he doesn’t have to break through any shields or barriers — the women are expecting to meet new men.” A Speed LA Dating event works like this: During the check-in, each participant receives a date scorecard with a number.

“Any kind of dating event is a last resort for most men because of our egos,” Harbinger says. The men rotate between the women for four-minute “dates” before moving on to the next.

On the back of the scorecard are columns for the men and women to write in the names of their dates and assess their interest level based on five criteria: – Definitely fancy – One more drink, maybe – Not really my cup of tea – Oh dear, never mind – Never in a million years At the end of the event, both men and women turn in their scorecards along with a list of their favorites.