Sophos update manager stopped updating

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A performance graph shows the historic transmit and receive data speeds during DUN and routed connections, and graphs may also be viewed later for further analysis.

Solar Winds uses cookies on our websites to facilitate and improve your online experience.By continuing to use our website, you consent to our use of cookies.For further details on cookies, please see our cookies policy.Download DUN Manager HTTP - FTP (zipped version) v3.10 - (4,609,738 bytes) Download DUN Manager HTTP - FTP (executable version, if you don't have unzip) v3.10 - (4,609,760 bytes) DUN Manager Beta Beta v3.11 - DUN Manager Sound Effects HTTP - FTP ( zipped version) 21 WAV files for DUN Manager sound events (534,132 bytes) DUN Manager Release Notes DUN Manager Cost and Registration Screen Shot Download Update Windows Registration Details HTTP - FTP v2.0 - (243,474 bytes) Download Old Versions DUN Manager v3.9 HTTP - FTP v3.9 - (3,137,010 bytes) Other Magenta Sites Code Look lookup telephonenumbers and cost Com Cap v4 data capture utility DUN Manager broadband and dial-upnetworking enhancement Mail Maint POP3 email Delphi Developers UK Telecom Tariff Comparisons Links to Other General Sites Links to Other Telecom Sites Magenta Home Page Email Magenta Systems DUN Manager is shareware, developed by Magenta Systems Ltd, in the UK.DUN Manager may be evaluated for 30 days, but must be registered if usage is to continue.details of which are under DUN Manager Cost and Registration.

Until registered, after 10 days DUN Manager will display a nag screen for a short period after each connection which must be cancelled manually.DUN Manager from Magenta Systems Ltd sits in the Windows system tray as an icon, allows single click start-up and hang-up of a dial-up networking connection defined by time or day of week, monitoring in a call status window of up to nine simultaneous connections or ISDN channels including those started by other applications and routed connections using leased lines, dial-on demand routers, ADSL or cable modems.Redialling may be done if the initial connection speed is poor or alternate numbers dialled on busy.If one ISP is not available, DUN Manager can automatically try another using sequential default connections.How connections are started is fully configurable, as is whether a call status window appears.If a logon name or password has not been specified, a window appears before dialling starts to avoid a wasted call, or may be forced where the password is not saved for security.