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In addition, you can enter vouchers from Groupon and other places to save more.On Speed Dating takes great pains to ensure a high quality event without complaints.

Currently, the review of On Speed Dating is limited to New York City; but there is no reason why this idea cannot be expanded and include other cities in the foreseeable future.The price of enrolling in these various events (there are usually 2-3 in each week) depends on the kind of event.There are four future events with a price of - each.If you can get four phone numbers at each date then that could be considered a cheap or affordable date. Speed dating sessions open to the first 450 registrants only. Once you've met your sweetheart and dated solidly for a period of time previously agreed upon by all of your parents, all that's left to do is pop the question. Registration does not guarantee spot; first come, first served.

Proposing in public can be a nerve-wracking ordeal because you’re faced with the possibility of public rejection and humiliation.

Groupon eradicates proposal fears with our official Groupon Official Interest-Gauging Marriage Solicitation.

Just print and deliver it to your beloved with a self-addressed, stamped envelope, and wait 3–5 business days for the happiest moment of your life.

That is the philosophy behind speed dating in general and the website On Speed Dating specifically.

Unlike reviews of other websites, On Speed Dating provides a means for people to meet for real rather than merely or exclusively online.

As with speed dating, On Speed Dating is located in real places.