Nair dating

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Nair dating

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Check out other products and tips for men's hair removal: Male Body Shaving."Matrimonials is India's pioneering online matrimonial service provider, offering best matchmaking services.With ample database of thousands of prospective brides' and grooms' matrimony profiles, we assist you to meet with potential life partners and build lifetime relationships.Avail best matrimony services with Matrimonials and get closer to your dream partner.The Bottom Line Nair for Men Speed Cream works well if you have a large area of body hair that you want removed, but don't mind it coming back as fast as shaving.If you are prone to razor burn from shaving, the cream might be a better choice.

Although with any depilatory, you do run the risk of getting a chemical burn.

Compare Prices Pros I did read on some other reviews where the hair didn't come off after keeping the cream on for 10 minutes (which is the max time).

So make sure to really coat the hair if you use it.

I would also suggest wearing gloves because this is a very strong cream made to dissolve men's hair in a short time. My brother has shaved his back before and gotten redness and bumps, so he really liked not having any of those issues after using Nair For Men Speed Cream.

He also said that after growing back, the tips of the hair were a bit softer compared to when it was shaved.

But, overall he wouldn't use it again because of the strong chemicals.

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