Kenai peninsula dating

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Kenai peninsula dating

The park is also home to 23 species of mammals including harbor seals, sea otters, moose, black bears, wolverines, and lynx.

After Cook's visit, the area became the scene of competition among rival fur companies for natural resources.The area was controlled by the Russians until it was purchased by the United States - The first American settlement in the Seward area was in 1884.Kenai Fjords derived its name from the long, glacier-carved valleys that are now filled with ocean waters.What were once alpine valleys filled with glacier ice are now deepwater mountain-flanked fjords.The area was proclaimed Kenai Fjords National Monument on December 1, 1978 and established as a national park on December 2, 1980.Summer is the best time to visit Kenai Fjords National Park.

At that time, the days are longer and the seas are calmer.

Winter brings the option to ski some roads into the park and flights land in the park at any time of year.

It's as if all the beauties of the land and sea – glaciers, peninsulas, and fjords – have combined at one small, yet rich spot.

Box 1727, Steward, AL 99664Phone: 907-224-7500Although Kenai Fjords is Alaska's smallest national park, it still packs just as big a punch as the massive Denali or Gates of the Arctic.

Ancient ice carved out Kenai's fjords and created a perfect habitat for many sea animals.

About 20 species of sea birds nest along the coastline so visitors are sure to see the popular clown-face puffins, and perhaps even a bald eagle.

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