Japanese sexy dating games

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Japanese sexy dating games - dating at 15

Western releases of erotic Japanese games can sometimes be censored, too.

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“Making the changes necessary to release some of our more niche titles in the West is not, and never has been, an attempt at making the game more appealing to a larger audience.We know that censoring a game would lose just as many fans as it may potentially bring in.“Ultimately, our goal is to make games available to our fans in the West, and to keep those same games as close to their original as is possible.Regrettably, without changes, some games would not be able to be released here.” On Steam, players are finding workarounds for censored titles.Many of these games have been released on PC prior to Steam—and players have been able to enjoy them in their full glory.But on Steam, the version that developers are releasing don’t include nudity.

At least, not the sort of nudity that the original release features. As a result, developers who upload anime games featuring or focusing on sex often call the tamer Steam version the “all ages” version of a game.For veteran eroge lovers, the practice probably sounds familiar: in Japan, it’s not uncommon for a raunchy game originally released on PC to get a censored, “all ages” version for consoles, which have stricter limits for what developers can and cannot show.If you’ve paid any attention to the “Popular New Releases” tab on Steam, you might have noticed that lately, there’s been a big influx of anime games on the distribution platform.Featuring 2D babes, these games often let you romance and seduce scantily-clad characters.Warning: this post contains graphic sexual images that are not safe for work.Known as “eroge,” the anime games that are now finding a home on Steam are a part of a genre known as Japanese pornographic video games.

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