Internet dating jobs

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Internet dating jobs

Once on the ground, Slater, 39, picked up his silver Jeep Wrangler and raced home. Colleagues on Jet Blue Flight 1052 from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to New York said Slater was having 'a really bad day' on Monday.

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S., where there was growing sympathy yesterday for the kind of abuse flight attendants have to deal with from unruly passengers.By last night, a string of pages had been set up in tribute to him on the Facebook website, with many social networkers admiring his grand exit.Slater flew off the handle after asking a passenger not to remove her belongings from the overhead baggage compartment while the plane was still on the runway after arrival at New York's JFK airport.The woman reportedly swore at Slater and grabbed her carry-on case anyway, cutting the irate attendant on the forehead with the bag as he tried to intervene.After the plane had stopped and the 100 passengers started shuffling to the exit, Slater's voice was heard bellowing over the loudspeaker. And as resignations go, Steven Slater's was certainly memorable.

When a stroppy passenger swore at the flight attendant after he asked her to remain in her seat until the plane had stopped, the self-confessed 'bag Nazi' first commandeered the public address system to launch a four-letter tirade at shocked travellers.

Then he grabbed his bags - and two cans of beer from the galley - and popped the lever for the plane's inflatable emergency chute.

He threw the bags on to it before sliding down to the tarmac himself.

Passenger Philip Catelinet said: 'He said, "I've had it!

To the passenger who called me a mother******, **** you!

I've been in this business for 28 years and that's it. 'You don't want to see a flight attendant lose their cool like that.

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