Environmentally friendly environmentally friendly dating

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The fine jewelry industry isn't always synonymous with being environmentally friendly.Sometimes the mining and cultivating of precious metals and gemstones can have its fair share of consequences on the environment and even on human rights.

These vibrant gems and metals are a testament to how amazing the earth is, and they have been adorning our bodies for thousands of years.TThere are ways we can all be a little bit more conscious about the fine jewelry making process and, in turn, be a little more friendly to our environment. Jewelry that is mass produced is more likely to be produced at the expense of our earth.The object of the corporate fine jewelry trade is to create the greatest amount of items for the least amount of cost, thus allowing for the greatest amount of profit.This can and too often does involve harsh mining conditions and unsustainable low-wage factories.However, there are larger companies now that are making a stand to be more environmentally conscious.Some even melt down old broken jewelry in order to source their fine metals.

Yes, these jewelers need to be able to put food on their table, but they are also masters of their craft with an attention to detail and an awareness that cannot be matched by a big chain.

It isn't so much about making a huge profit for these artisans, but more about the joy and passion they have for what they do that translates into a very special piece of fine jewelry.

Brilliant Earth is one of the more widely known companies, and others do exist.

Research any large chain's mission statement and learn about their commitment to ethical business practices before purchasing!

Instead of supporting a large chain, sometimes a better and more eco-friendly option is to have your fine jewelry made by a local jewelry designer that sources their own stones and crafts each and every piece with their own two hands.

These jewelers are usually much more conscious about where their resources are coming from.

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