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In the old Symfony 2.0.x days, at a time when Composer did not exist, upgrading a project from one minor version of Symfony to the next one was not that easy.You had to merge the changes that were made in the files into yours.

And of course, if you had other third-party dependencies, you had to upgrade them by yourself (finding the right version to use for each of them).It worked well even if merging things was sometimes a nightmare, but it was unfortunately possible to install dependencies that did not work well together. Composer is used by Symfony since version 2.1, but as we were the very first adopter, and because Composer and the Symfony ecosystem were not stable yet, it was still awkward.The recommended minimum stability was file for the Standard Edition... But again, if you had other dependencies, merging the locked deps was a pain.We were basically using Composer as the old deps files, except that Composer would ensure that all dependency versions worked well together. As of Symfony 2.3, the minimum stability level has been raised to .That was possible because the Symfony ecosystem as a whole is much more mature and because almost all good/useful/maintained/popular bundles have stable releases with a good configuration for their dependencies.If you know of a cool bundle or PHP library that still requires a file as a template.

That's why the diff between two versions of the Symfony Standard Edition can be empty... So, what is the workflow to upgrade your Symfony 2.3 projects?This is ridiculously simple, so simple that some developers are lost!Let me explain the upgrade workflow for Symfony 2.3+: file should be stored in your project repository so that all developers working with you on the project will install the exact same versions of the projects dependencies.Notice that there is nothing related to Symfony here.So, upgrading from one minor version of Symfony to the next one is no different than upgrading any other dependencies. And because Symfony 2.3 is a Long-Term Support release with a strong "Don't break backward compatibility" motto, you can run with confidence.Symfony is just another dependency of your project, like any other ones.