Dating an air force man

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var player Instance = jwplayer("aish-video"); player Instance.setup({ file: " Birth of the Israeli Air Force.mp4", height: (434 - 26), width: 640, title: "The Birth of the Israeli Air Force", description: "How a group of American fighter pilots risked their lives for the fledgling State of Israel.", image: ' Israeli Air Force640x360.jpg', sharing: { link: " } }); These brave men are worthy of reward and notation for their courageous, selfless acts on behalf of the Jewish people, but lets not forget to give credit where it's REALLY due for winning the war, or for the existence of the country of Israel or the Jewish people for that matter. I would appreciate any information that I could share with my nephews and niece. Richard Meyers 120 Grand Palm Way Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418 Dear Mrs. As an aviation enthusiast I could have sworn I saw a flight of ex-U. Navy Grumman F6F "Hellcat" fighter aircraft, piloted by volunteers, which conducted ground attacks against Arab forces during 1948.

There has long been a proportionally large Jewish community (in relation to total population at the time) in SA of course but still a remarkable fact I think. 946, my father ( Morris May) disassembled two p-51 mustang fighter planes in Oklahoma. They were assembling brand new parts, wings, engines, etc.

He packed and shipped them to what we called Palestine then. of new Messerschmidts fighter aircraft that Stalin had sent from Czechia in response to Ben Gurion pleed. In addition to the request for balanced historical reporting based on verifiable facts, as stated above, one may start by quoting Wikipedia and the various references cited there: "The backbone of the IAF consisted of 25 Avia S-199s (purchased from Czechoslovakia, essentially Czechoslovak-built Messerschmitt Bf 109s) and 62 Supermarine Spitfire LF Mk IXEs ferried from Žatec base code-named "Zebra" where pilots also received preliminary flight training.

Do you have any information about this , or any ideas of sources of information ? With German-Speaking Israelis they assembeled them, read flying instructions and then tookoff from a nearby dirt runway. BTW, the Commander of the SA Pilots has later been a supreme Judge in SA. Creativity and resourcefulness were the early foundations of Israeli military success in the air, rather than technology (which, at the inception of the IAF, was generally inferior to that used by Israel's adversaries).

If we don't defend ourselves, no one will defend us. Many of the first IAF's pilots in 1948 were foreign volunteers (both Jewish and non-Jewish) and World War II veterans" I would like to learn more about WW2 US servicemen that went to help fight for the state of israel in the war of independence.

about the founding of the state of Israel ( the name of the film escapes me, however).

What an indeleble act of courage and inspiring act.

May Hashem contnues protecting the land of Israel and the life of those pilots who sacrified to defend it.Thank you very much for sharing that heartfelt piece of history.Also, if you want to raise funds for the film you can try Berel I believe I knew someone who went over to fly for Israel in 1948, a physician in California whom I knew in the 1980's.He was a very humble man and never talked about it.If I could confirm his name on a list of flyers i would love to publicly honor his memory Deeply touching.