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NIM004575 - Reverse-slash (\) in Manager Login passwords does not work.When a user account contains one or more reverse-slash characters (\) in its password, the Arc GIS server login mechanism does not accept the password as valid.

NIM004377 - After a "Save as" command, only the operations that were already saved in the source diagram are saved in the new target diagram.

Operations that are in memory (not yet persisted) are not saved in the new diagram.

NIM004748 - Using the representation mask tool on a feature whose representation rule contains a marker symbol layer will cause the mask to be applied to all feature layers in the TOC that are above the feature layer that has the representation masking set.

When the marker symbol layer is removed from the representation rule, masking works as designed.

NIM005620 - Arc Catalog crashes when the globe view tries to display a Schematic Dataset, Schematic Diagram, or Schematic Folder.

None of these objects should be able to be viewed in a Globe or 3D view.

NIM005624 - Cancelling the Print dialog from the Attribute table window (if it was opened from the context menu of the "grey area" at the bottom of the window) causes the font on the window to become bold and the context menu can not be reopened.

NIM005643 - Three Cartography geoprocessing tools, Select Feature By Override, Update Override and Calculate Line Caps are not completing in Arc Map when run on a selected set of features in an edit session from a file geodatabase.

NIM004352 – The toolbar control ( faces.component .

Toolbar Control) can either be placed in a vertical or horizontal orientation.

When placed in a vertical orientation the control does not handle re-size events properly.

The toolbar may end up overlapping the map control.