Brannon braga dating jeri ryan

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Brannon braga dating jeri ryan

:( It really does become the Doctor/Seven/Janeway show after S4 (with emphasis on Seven in particular - somebody on the Trek boards did some kind of breakdown of screentime and found she came out reallly ahead.) In some ways, I can’t blame them fully even if I don’t like it - it’s like how Data, Worf, and Picard were basically the focus of TNG, because the captain always gets focused on and because the characters who tend to give perspective on humanity become audience favorites (think Data, Worf, Odo, the Doctor, Seven, Spock.) But I do think Voyager leaned way too hard into it - that’s one of the reasons DS9 will always be my favorite Trek, because they have a huge ensemble cast and they use all their characters.It’s something that Voyager could have done, given that they’re supposed to have a limited cast ( did do this, with having familiar background faces as extras/limited speaking roles every week even if we never learned anything about them, and DS9 is known for having a nonspeaking extra in a ton of episodes who actually has an entire episode focused on him - and he never said a word in the entire show’s run!

I think they all have very valid complaints, but I felt kinda bad for Jeri Ryan in what I read.I also read that the show focuses in on Seven, the Doctor, and Janeway — which is bad writing and poor use of an ensemble cast. I can’t imagine the public airing of dirty laundry was good for their careers though.:( I’ve got a real problem with hearing that Ryan’s jumpsuits were so tight they made her pass out though.You can sex up a show without doing that to your actors.(Wang’s also made fun of Voyager, but AFAIK, he’s interacted well with castmates at cons and such.) The main thing is that there was a lot of friction caused by Rick Berman/Brannon Braga deciding to fire Jen Lien to hire Jeri Ryan - Kate Mulgrew was furious and those two apparently didn’t like each other at all, especially after Jeri Ryan started dating Brannon Braga (one of the producers) and he started giving her more and more screentime as a result.That made the rest of the cast pretty angry - Beltran and Wang had no problems with Voyager for the first 3 seasons, but got progressively angrier after Jeri Ryan was hired, because her screentime came at the expense of development for the rest of the cast.

From what I’ve read, there was also a definite “she’s sleeping with the boss and that’s why she’s getting more screentime” feeling on-set.

I think it’s more a “everybody in the cast hates Jeri Ryan, and Robert Beltran really hates Star Trek” situation more than “they all hate one another.” They don’t get along like the TNG cast does, but from what I gather, TNG’s cast was really unusual - more friends than coworkers. I was reading up on Ensign Kim’s anger at not being promoted, and how Robert Beltran hated Chakotay and his lack of development, and Kate Mulgrew (in particular, but sounds like most of them) disdain for Jeri Ryan.

Born on 14th August, 1965 in Bozeman, Montana, he is famous for Executive producer of numerous Star Trek series, Threshold, 24, Flashforward and Terra Nova.

I’m still on S4 and I turned it up last not on S5 — and based on your awesome description, couldn’t resist watching. Also, Internet browsing turned up the information that the cast hated each other and the show. The main problems were that Robert Beltran grew to really hate being underutilized and wanted off the show but they wouldn’t let him, which led to him turning in some really bad performances and him refusing to read scripts all the way through, which led to him being used less…which was pretty much a really vicious cycle.

I don’t think that all the cast hated one another - there’s a discussion on the Trek BBS right now about how the casts were different from one another (the TNG cast got along the best; the DS9 cast had little factions where groups within the cast were really good friends and everybody else was coworkers), and Voyager had some problems - but, say, Garrett Wang, Kate Mulgrew, and Jennifer Lien seem to get along well, IIRC.

His complaints eventually reportedly led to something that happens in the finale that I’m not going to spoil you about (that also really pissed a lot of fans off and that the post-series novels felt the need to correct basically instantly.) Both Beltran and Wang wanted out of their contracts, but Paramount wouldn’t let them.

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