Are jeremy sumpter and aimee teegarden dating

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Are jeremy sumpter and aimee teegarden dating

These shakeups will surely cause a stir through both the halls of Dillon High as well as the town itself.Presumed tinkering from the powers-that-be produced not-so-stellar moments last season.

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Tyra, played by emotional powerhouse Adrianne Palicki, is striving to break free from her white-trash upbringing and onto bigger things, like college and a career, but with a distracting lover, Cash (Zach Roerig), to a dream-crushing vice principal, it seems like the world is against her., will see a lot of changes in the coming year: Budget cuts, a near network change, and a slight trimming of the cast (past-regulars Gaius Charles and Scott Porter are each noticeably reduced to four episode arcs) have all afflicted this beloved show in its third season.But things are still running surprisingly smooth at Dillon High, thankfully.All the familiar players are back, both on and off the field, but there have been some interesting alterations at the high school: Mrs.Tami Taylor (Connie Britton) is the new, reigning principal, and a highly skilled freshman quarterback, J. (Jeremy Sumpter), may pull the rug out right from under current first-string quarterback Matt’s (Zach Gilford) feet.Played by the profoundly sensitive Britton and Kyle Chandler, Tami and Coach Taylor have created a bond so thoroughly unique and refreshingly normal that no matter what comes between them, whether it’s football politics or their daughter Julie’s (Aimee Teergarden) tantrums, they manage to hold steady.

And still, the two find time for a romantic date once in a while.(It’s also fun to watch the power dynamic switch now that Tami is running things over at the high school.) Britton and Chandler deserve every laud they get: They inhabit these characters with such grace and vitality, solidifying their place as the hardest (and most generous) working actors in television.As she puts it to her on-and-off-again boyfriend Landry (Jesse Plemons) on the way to the State Championship: Seeing ex-Dillon quarterback Jason Street (Scott Porter) lose the use of his legs after a football-induced injury a few years back made her realize that life isn’t fair for anyone.What profound insight for a show with such humbling means.This is what the general viewing public, unfortunately, is not watching: characters with exceedingly intimate revelations about past mistakes and hardships, figuring out how to get their lives back on track.Undoubtedly, the spine of the show is the Taylor family.

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