Are audrina patridge and justin bobby dating

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Are audrina patridge and justin bobby dating

ended, certain cast members — Lauren Conrad, Lo Bosworth, and Heidi Montag, for example — have managed to keep themselves at least somewhat in the public eye, never slipping too far off the world's radar.But whatever happened to Justin Bobby Brescia, the long-haired prince who wooed Audrina Patridge and left everybody else wondering why exactly he had two first names? Justin Bobby recently sat down with for a "where are they now" check-in, and it turns out he's been up to quite a bit since he left the employ of MTV.

"I love to cut one-on-one, no big salon atmosphere.I'm all about kitchen cuts, but structurally done." He owns a chain of three salons called Brush Your Hair and has his own hair care line of the same name, and also plays in a band called Bobby Rock with his friend Dave Dariani."He kind of looked at you and knew what he wanted," Justin Bobby said, explaining how he hit it off with Dave. That's all I ever dream of, is the utmost realness all the time.", Justin Bobby, like many other cast members, admitted that much of what happened on the show was scripted.He did, however, add that he and Audrina shared a real bond (though they no longer speak to one another)."There was a genuine loving friendship with me and Audrina," he said.Only a true friendship could withstand something as harrowing as that.

supposed romantic encounter, the former MTV cast member is telling all about the unforgettable quasi love triangle."A mutual friend of ours called me and told me that he was there and didn’t want to tell me but knew he wouldn’t be able to look me in the eye if he didn’t come clean," the soon-to-be mom revealed on her website, in anticipation of the hit series' 10th anniversary."She's such a sweetheart, and I picked up on that from the very beginning.I was always a friend to her from the get-go and there for her as a friend.We went through the things together." They certainly did.Remember that time he wore combat boots to the beach?

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