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He was a Division 1 coach for 25 years, including at Bentley (head coach 1978-84), Iowa (assistant 1984-’86), USC (assistant 1986-’91) and Northern Illinois (head coach 1991-’01) before leaving for the private sector.

At 6-foot and 170 pounds, he found a way to use his talent, shot and passion to become one of the best players on a star-studded team.

“I realized early on that he didn’t treat me like a nephew, at least on the court. And his passion and energy was just what I wanted and needed.”Now in his 36th year as head coach, “Uncle Bert” admits he is a lot more emotional than he was in the early years. His dad, Brian broke all of the scoring records at Bentley -- before the 3-point shot, amassing 1,716 points.

And watching Troy go from a tough, passionate kid to becoming one of the best Division 2 players in New England has been a special experience.“What I’m proudest most is the great young man he has turned into,” said Bert, whose team needs to win its last two games and get a little help (Franklin Pierce must lose tonight and on Tuesday against Assumption) to make the Northeast-10 Tournament.“We didn’t see a lot of him growing up because, for the most part, my brother’s family grew up on the west coast,” said Bert. In fact, my children always commented how quiet Troy was. Bert, who graduated two years before his kid brother, scored 1,209 points in three seasons. Brian and Bert, natives of Long Island, still have bruises from their games in the driveway.

Troy is the youngest of three children -- brother, Ryan is 31 and sister Kristina is 25.

His fire was every bit as roaring as his father’s and uncle’s.“I have so much respect for Troy because I know what he did to get where he is,” said his dad, who with wife, Maura, reside in Valencia, Calif., about 30 miles north of Los Angeles. You don’t have to tell him to do the work to get better. He’s always been like that.”Brian knows the experience of a parent handing their child over to a basketball coach as well as anyone.

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Troy Hammel thought it was a risk, flying 3,000 miles across the country, to play basketball at Merrimack College. According to those who know him best, he loves basketball as much anybody that has ever played the game.

And he loved his recruiting visit to the North Andover campus, which is only 25 miles from where his dad, Brian Hammel, four decades earlier, put his school (Bentley) on the New England college basketball map.

This “risk” was playing for his dad’s older brother, his uncle Bert Hammel.“I was a little apprehensive at first, being he is my uncle,” said Troy, a Merrimack senior who will play his last home game today (3 p.m.) on the basketball court named after his uncle.“But I think back now, and realize it was the best decision of my life,” said Troy, who has scored 1,271 points for his career and is program’s best free throw shooter (88.3%) ever. I am so proud of him.”The Hammel gene To say Troy has the Hammel basketball gene -- eat, sleep and drink basketball -- would be an understatement.

His scoring average and field goal percentage went up every year -- 6.9 and 39.4, 10.7 and 42.2, 16.3 and 45.7 and 17.3 and 46.9. Troy has scored in double figures in 24 of 25 games this season. Troy never let us down.”Bert said to appreciate Troy, you have to watch him when he doesn’t have the ball.

In Wednesday’s do-or-die game at Assumption, he hit 8 of 9 field goals for 18 points in a 70-55 win. He’s constantly moving and oftentimes driving the defender crazy.“He reminds me of John Havlicek the way he works to get open, without the ball,” said Bert. It’s true passion for the game.”Troy is a business/sports management major.

Expanding role“That’s the thing I respect, he improved every year here,” said Bert. Like his dad and uncle, basketball may be part of his future.