2016 world dating site

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2016 world dating site

Dating looks vastly different in 2016, even compared to a few decades ago. Are there any signs that they could be something serious?

The popular dating site surveyed more than 1,100 former users who married someone who met on their site.After all, if those people don’t know the secrets to long-term love, who does?POF found that certain behaviors - both online and offline - were predictors of whether you were setting yourself up for a serious relationship.The survey’s key findings and insights included: The vast majority of survey participants believed in soulmates, so Plenty Of Fish dug deep and asked what made someone “the one.” Most kept it simple, saying you just “share a connection” and “they’re your best friend”, but others offered more specific answers.Sharing similar beliefs was key to determining soulmate compatibility, as were honesty and loyalty.I am fallible – and our skeptical friends will quickly highlight anything I get wrong – so do not be fearful of the future or see these predictions as inevitable.

I get a lot right – over 90% for 2015 – but also get some things wrong too.

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Less important were making each other laugh and putting the other’s needs before your own.

And despite online dating’s reputation for superficiality, mutual attraction scored low on the list of soulmate traits.

“In the end, the most important underlying point from the findings is that singles should stick with it when it comes to dating,” said POF’s PR Specialist Shannon Smith.

The magazines work months ahead so the actual predictions will are printed in the edition for January 2016.

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